Billionaire’s row: It’s the abode of the super-rich in the heart of the Capital.

The first thing that comes to mind when hearing ‘Billionaires’ Row’ is in the name — money, and lots of it. The exclusive stretch of buildings is a playground for the elite to flaunt their exuberant amounts of wealth and to enjoy some of the most coveted residences in the entire world. Yet, the sky-high prices demanded these properties are proving to be a little bit too pricey for the market, even for the richest of the rich. There are some real estate agents in central Delhi or real estate agents which give the best billionaires row.  Let’s see some Billionaire’s row below:-

Jindal House, 6 Prithviraj Road, New Delhi
The houses are set back from the road, at times entirely obscured from view by a thick hedge, trees, or a high fence. A landscaped garden and an Audi or BMW car can often be glimpsed through a fancy gate. Welcome to the Capital’s own billionaire’s zone, a region which includes, among others, the Aurangzeb Road, Amrita Shergill Marg and Prithviraj Road. A property in this area comes with the promise of lush green surroundings, snarl free broad roads, VVIP security – and distinguished neighbors. A stroll down these roads and you are likely to bump into K. P. Singh or Rajiv Singh of the DLF group, Guptas the MGF group, or the Burmans of Dabur, Goenkas of the RPG group.

19 Amrita Shergill Marg , Sunil Bharti Mittal House ( Airtel Owner)
The fight for a house here is always among the mightiest. Consider the case of 3,500 sqyd (0.723 acres) property on Amrita Shergill Marg open for bids with a reserve price of Rs 140 crore. Senior politicians and businessmen are elbowing each other out of the race to buy it. A recent bid was that of Rajan Bharti Mittal – a promoter of the Bharti group and the youngest of the three Mittal siblings who own Airtel – of Rs 156 crore.

While the staggering bid is said to have trumped the bid of Rs 141 crore by another businessman, sources said it has been out trumped, in turn, by an offer of Rs 165 crore from one of the four factions who were the property owners till they went to court.

The Ruias bought a 2.24-acre property on Tees January Marg in 2006 for which they paid Rs 92 crore. They revamped the place to furnish it with a swimming pool and the signature lawn of a colonial bungalow. In an area with 1,000 bungalows, of which only 65 are owned privately, transactions of such enormous proportions, which are known to occur with increasing frequency, give an idea of the value of these streets.

But some residents who have spent their lives in the historical and tree-lined Lutyens’ Delhi, a Heritage Zone, say they are not happy with the changing face of the area. According to V. N. Dalmia, owner and chairman of Dalmia Continental Pvt Ltd, who has spent 58 years at 27, Akbar Road, the region has changed for the worse in the last 20 years.

“In the 50s, this area was quite peaceful, there were few cars and all residents were either descendants of royalty or senior bureaucrats and politicians. In the last two decades, the nouveau-riche has taken over the region. Instead of subtlety, brashness and show of wealth have become the defining feature of this place,” Dalmia said.



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